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What is dowsing? ....

Most human beings possess a sensitivity to the Earth's background radiation field and can detect changes in it.  Buried objects, underground streams of water and deposits of minerals can all cause fluctuations which can be picked up consciously by someone alerted to them.  They are sometimes picked up unconsciously in the form of a feeling of tension or strange "vibes" in a place.


How does dowsing work? ....

A full explanation of how dowsing works remains to be established.  It seems that the changes referred to above affect the autonomic nervous system and cause slight muscular movements, particularly in the arms.  By holding dowsing rod or pendulum in a certain way, these changes can be magnified and made visible and the dowsing reaction can be controlled.


Can dowsing be learned? .....

Dowsing is rather like music: we all have some innate musical sense but some of us may lack the faculty of perfect pitch. Our gift can nevertheless be developed by practice into a skilled art.  It is estimated that at least 80% of people are capable of dowsing.


Is there more to dowsing than water-divining? ....

As they advance in skill, nearly all dowsers find they are obtaining information from their dowsing reactions which can best be explained by the action of some form of E.S.P. (extra-sensory perception) and if they wish it, dowsing can become a portal into the world of the psychic. Just as dowsing itself is a form of receiving, they often find that the process can be reversed into a sort of giving, which becomes healing.  Because prolonged exposure to the radiations given off by underground forces can be harmful to health, dowsers have become very involved with detecting such situations relative to homes and places of work.


West Midland Dowsers ....

Is a group of friendly individuals all interested in learning more about the fascinating art of dowsing and trying to understand how it works.  The society meets bi-monthly, sometimes indoors, sometimes out on archaeological sites or places of interest to the earth-mysteries side of the subject.


Indoor meetings are held at Wootton Wawen Village Hall, which is just off the A34(00) a mile and a half south of Henley in Arden and about 7 miles north of Stratford upon Avon. This gives an opprtunity to hear interesting speakers on various aspects of dowsing and healing, and enables members to meet and talk informally, sharing experiences and knowledge.  The meetings are rounded off with refreshments for which a donation is requested.  Meetings are held at 2.30 p.m. on Sunday afternoons, usually on the third Sunday of alternate months starting January.


The society's bi-monthly magazine Rod & Pendulum gives details of meetings, and contains articles and news of interest to dowsers. It circulates to many parts of the world where we have overseas members. It is free to members.


The annual subscription is 8.  Visitors and intending members can attend a meeting free of charge to see if they would like to join.  Couples at one address can come on one membership. WMD is affiliated with the British Society of Dowsers and works closely with Northamptonshire Dowsers and South Herefordshire Dowsers.


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